Temporary shutdown for one week


This week, until 2018/11/11/2018, the beacon is off.
Everything is ok, but the beacon is the study subject for my students and the beacon is now is my classroom.


Big Wheel antenna check-up

After more than two years of service, un little checkup of Big Wheel antenna was required to see if everything is OK.

I am happy to see it working properly as if started for the first time. This is good to see when I am remembering its state before repair work, this antenna is going to work for a long time.

The antenna is not perfectly tuned on the TX frequency, and it has never been. It is complicated to tune because all is soldered and coated, this is the price to pay for robustness.



Maintenance on beacon thuesday 28

The beacon will shutdown thuesday 28 for maintenance operation :

  • add a cooling fan
  • check the correct behavior of the antenna

Duration : 3 hours

Callsign F1ZAW assigned to beacon

Great news, beacon moving is complete, yesterday I received a mail from our local authorithy (ANFR) that confirms the definitive callsign F1ZAW.

Beacon CW message has been updated accordingly and beacon is using its own callsign now.


Jean-Michel F4CQG